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Welcome to City of Rest Rehabilitation Center

The City of Rest is a home for men and women with drug and mental health difficulties; both are a big problem in the country following a brutal civil war with thousands of child soldiers. Residents are offered love, counselling, prayers and protection from a hostile world -currently there is little help in the country for those who have been traumatised.

Message from the founder Pastor M Ngobeh

City of Rest is a Day Care Mental Health Organisation, who deals with ranges of health challenges including Psychosis, Substance Abuse and Trauma. It deals with all range of age, with specific emphasis on youths and adults. At present, it is working on building a mental health coalition body that would serve as a voice for those suffering from mental health and it care givers. City of Rest has moved to its new location at Regent Road, Grafton but can still be contacted at the address below:

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