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New City of Rest in Grafton, Freetown

We are pleased to announce the long-awaited opening of the new City of Rest in Grafton, Sierra Leone. Residents have been moved in and are settling into their new home.

The City of Rest is a home for men and women with drug and mental health difficulties; both are a big problem in the country following a brutal civil war with thousands of child soldiers. Residents are offered love, counselling, prayers and protection from a hostile world -currently there is little help in the country for those who have been traumatised.

The previous building was dirty and cramped; residents were physically restrained to prevent them escaping to buy drugs. The new home is set in three acres of land and surrounded by a security wall. Residents have freedom to exercise, grow food and become self-supporting.

The change in residents living conditions means fresh hope and opportunity for many. They have freedom to exercise, grow food and become self-supporting.

Mission Direct and City of Rest would like to thank all the volunteers who have worked on the project, as well as everyone who has raised money or prayed for the work. Take a look at the fruits of your labours!